Review || A Bioderma Dupe? The L’oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution

 loreal skin perfection micellar cleansing water, make up remover, micellar water, review, through chelsea's eyes,

 loreal skin perfection micellar cleansing water, make up remover, micellar water, review, through chelsea's eyes,

Hi guys,

Micellar waters took over the world last year, and well before then i must admit i was terrible with my skincare routine which you’ve probably heard me mention once or twice before and well the only thing i used to remove make up was make up wipes (please don’t judge me) But I’m not here to tell lies and that’s what i did, when everyone was talking about Bioberma i really wanted to give it a try but with it being so hard to get hold of i held back, eventually managing to get my hands on it this summer, i did enjoy using Bioderma (review) but i still wanted something which is more easy to get hold of and well the L’oreal Micellar Water is just that! 
This little product has been well talked about in the beauty world, As always with us bloggers a nifty little product comes along (did i just say nifty?) and well when we love something, we love it and everyone knows about it. I think the first thing which draws everyone to the L’oreal micellar water is the amazingly fantastic price tag! I have bought the last couple of mine for only £2 in Asda! Yes only £2! and even without that amazingly good saving this little product retails originally at £4.99 so you still can’t complain about price.

 To use i just apply a small amount to a large cotton pad squish it all together so it’s spread out nice and even over the pad, then i just wipe my face while the micellar solution gets to work dissolving my make up, and that it does! I then just repeat the process until all my make up has vanished. It really is just like magic water which removes all your make up with minimal effort (even stubborn mascara) plus it leaves your skin feeling cool, soothed and fresh! I also love the fact that this product acts as a toner swell, as i mentioned earlier i am the worst at keeping up with a skin care routine so the fact that this little product tones my skin as well as removing all the make up which i have on my face, makes it a winner in my eyes!

Overall i am 100% sold on this little bottle of goodness. The only one negative is the fact that it is in a weird shaped rectangle bottle and sometimes when squirting the solution onto my cotton pad, i find myself missing/ending up with it dribbling all down the side of the bottle, i think it may of been nicer if it was in a round shaped bottle, but that won’t stop me buying. I’m already on my 4th bottle of the stuff and i will continue to repurchase, It’s cheep, It works and well it’s easy available to buy from any local highstreet store! – Whats not to love!

Have you tried the L’oreal Skin Perfection Micellar Water?

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