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Birthday wish list

Tomorrow is my 21st birthday!
It’s come around so quickly, and i thought seeing as i haven’t done a wish list type post in a VERY long time it would fun to do one :) so lets get cracking! It’s my 21st birthday so I’m super excited and quite sad i don’t want to be 21! (but I’m pretty sure it won’t feel much different!)
As it’s my 21st birthday i would really love something i could keep forever to remember it by i did this with my 18th birthday and i would love to do the same and these are all the things i would love to receive for my 21st birthday some more special and some little bits which I’ve wanted for a while, although anything which i get i will love and be super thankful for!

1. Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch –  This watch speaks for itself, it’s just bloody beautiful! I really love presents which you can keep and seeing as it will be my 21st birthday this will be perfect, I got a silver D&G watch similar for my 18th birthday and I’ve loved it, so a rose gold one would just top off my watch collection!

2. Canon 50mm 1.8 Lens – I’ve really gotten into my dslr camera, i love playing around taking pictures and figuring out all the best settings for the situation but i really would like a smaller aperture lens. I would love to be able to take pictures and videos with more blurred out backgrounds and i think this little lens will help me out.

3. Pandora Ring – This ring is just a beauty isn’t it? as i said earlier i love presents which i can keep and remember what i got them for, not things which once you’ve used them they’ve been gone and are over. This ring is just really pretty!

4. Nars Sheer Glow – I couldn’t not have make up in on my wish list! come on.. i am the owner of a beauty blog after all.. Nars sheer glow is one I’ve been looking at for quite some time, everyone i have seen wearing it has flawless skin which makes me want it! So i would love to give it a try!

5.YSL Rouge Volupté Peach Passion – This lipstick has been one which has always caught my eye but the price tag just doesn’t so it would make a nice little present :) or be nice to aim to save up for it myself!

6. Laura Mericer Secret Concealer – again it’s just a make up product which i am desperate to try! everyone who i see wearing it their make up looks effortless and so natural and i would love to give it a whirl!

7. Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder – I would love some setting powder! i mean i don’t want my make up going anywhere do i? .. and Laura Mercier is a brand which i really love, plus all the rave reviews make me want to try this setting powder even more!

8. Origins GinZings Moisturiser – My skin routine is all over the place so i would quite like a more permanent one, everyone seems to love origins and i still am yet to give the brand a try so i would love to get my hands on the GinZings moisturiser, i am always super tired and it shows so i need something to wake up my skin!

9. Selection of MAC Brushes – i quite fancy getting more into eye shadows, I’ve always been really rubbish and never got the whole concept but i want to try harder and become better at it so i need some brushes behind me to help me out! – at least this way i can’t blame my tools, and i know the reason I’m so bad is me.  Plus i fancy some of the brushes for my face – The brushes I’ve been looking at are MAC and these are the ones which have taken my fancy although this may change..

Mac Eyeshadow Brush “239”
Mac Pencil Brush “219”
Mac Blending Brush “217”Mac Blending Brush “222”
Mac Contour Brush “109”
Mac Angled Contour Brush “168”

I’m super excited for my birthday, although i don’t quite like the thought of being 21, i feel old, i will officially be in my twenties not just a twenty… i wish i could go back to school and be 16 again! oh those where the days!

Is anyone else looking forward to their birthday this month?

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