Video || 3 Minute Make Up Challenge!


Hi Guys!
I filmed a video :)
Yes i did, i decided to film the 3 minute make up challenge, i really love watching these on youtube so i thought i would go ahead, be brave and accept the challenge myself, seeing as the weather is super gorgeous right now i went ahead and did my challenge outside in my garden so not only was i battling the clock i also had to fight the bees the bugs and the wind, plus my cute bunny rabbit Skippy joined me – i don’t half know how to make things difficult do i?
Plus on top of all that my camera decided to keep cutting out on me after like 30 seconds each time, I’m not too sure why i have the correct memory card and so on it was just being a pain, but girl guides honour i stuck to the clock all i did was i had to keep re-pressing the record button on my camera! (the silly thing!)
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