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a picture of Chatty Feet socks Miko
*Miko available from Chatty Feet for £6.00
a picture of Chatty Feet socks Miko


a picture of Chatty Feet socks Miko being worn
a picture of Chatty Feet socks Miko being worn
Miko likes to relax by the pond!
a picture of Chatty Feet socks Miko being worn
Say HI to *Miko my sock friend!
Hi Guys,
 A some what different kind of ‘Fashion’ post for you today, but hey we all wear socks! – well I’m pretty sure at some point in time you will wear socks! so why not let them be fun, out there and have cute names and faces! (quite a lot of my socks have faces/cute patterns on them)
I’m not afraid to admit it, I’ve even blogged on a couple of animal themed socks here and here :)
First of let me introduce you, this is Miko, she’s quite a happy little sock. Yes she is just look at that smile, and trust me she will make you smile too. I wore Miko the sock all yesterday and i found myself just bursting out in fits of laugher, because when i glanced down at my feet and forgot she was there i had this happy little sock face with pink hair and crazy eyes staring back at me! – It’s great!!
The socks themselves are really amazing quality really thick, not too thick but just how a good sock should feel It’s bright in colour plus they have the Miko face design with the skull an cross bones on both the front and the back of the sock so you can have her looking around keeping her eye on everything and even use them as a little sock puppet show! – It kinda makes me feel bad when i have to put my shoes on!
I’ve really enjoyed wearing my funky little Miko socks it really cheered up my day and I’m sure i will be showing her off much more! If you want to see more on Miko or see what some of her friends are like then you can do that by looking on the Chatty Feet website. They have a cool little gang of sock buddies!
What do you think of Miko?
Would you wear funky faces on your socks?
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