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summer nail polishes, barry m, models own, barry m gel shine,


summer nail polishes, barry m, models own, barry m gel shine, barry m mango, barry m grapefruit, models own hedonist


swatched, summer nail polishes, barry m, models own, barry m gel shine, barry m mango, barry m grapefruit, models own hedonist,
So the weather has really picked up today and we are set for a heatwave weekend..Hooray! It’s just a shame I’m a little poorly myself and i cant really enjoy it like i would like to, I started Vitamin B12 injections on Wednesday and well they are making me feel very sickly and basically just meh. Hopefully as i have more and my body gets more used they wont be so bad. Plus to top it off I’m having a really bad day, a night on my own like always having time to relax is just what i ordered!
Anyway, I recently did a summer shades post which you can read here, and i picked out a handful of nail polish which i will be using all through summer! but since then i took a little trip to boots and picked up a couple of new nail polishes for my collection and … well they’re just the perfect summer shades so i couldn’t resist making a little post to show them :)
1. Barry M, Grapefruit – Apart of the Barry M Gel Polishes i am such a huge fan of these and i am in love with the summer colours! There are so many i want need but i managed to just narrow it down and grapefruit is such a bubbly, cute, popping pink colour! The formula is super shiny and i just love how fast drying the gel shine polishes are! – This will be perfect with a summer tan!
2. Models Own, Hedonist – I’ve been after this little nail polish for quite some time now, but each time i go to buy it they never actually have it *sad face* so i always end up with something different but it never quite satisfies what i want! well one day (when i weren’t even looking for it) they had it in stock!!  so i grabbed it and bought it so fast! and trust me it did not disappoint, the colour is so bright and eye catching, its like a neon orange/coral colour, i love it for on toes! plus you can always tell when someone is wearing this polish it stands out a mile off! – I love it!
3. Barry M, Mango – again Barry M and their gel polishes left me spoilt for choice! but i have been really loving the colour orange for this summer, it’s my go to colour so i thought ooo orange nails will be great! and the colour mango is fantastic is super bright and vibrant! – i just love the fruity name, i love every thing about the Barry M High Shine Gel Polishes!So there you have a little updated summer nails polishes! i think these three have blown most of my last colours out of the water! – I’ve been loving oranges and well that’s how much i love these colours and how very me they are! I actually have worn hedonist the most out of all three it is the king of all nail polishes in my eyes!
Since this taking my pictures for this post and writing up most of it i have been to boots again and bought two new Essie summer collection polishes! so expect a post on those too, they are just two beautiful colours… I’m on one serious nail polish spree, i cant stop buying them!

What are you favourite nail polishes for summer?

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