Review || Moroccan Oil – A Hairs Best Friend!

a picture of moroccan oil hair treatment


a picture of moroccan oil hair treatment
*Moroccan Oil – £12.85


I have been wanting to try Moroccan oil for a very very long time!
I’ve just never got around to it – i can be quite lazy ok super lazy when it comes to changing and mixing up my routines. But seeing as this was hyped about so much i really wanted to see what the fuss was about so when i was offered a sample product from i jumped at the chance!The thing i love most about Moroccan Oil is that it can be used on both wet/damp and dry hair which i just love! I personally like to apply about the amount in my hand on the above picture and run it through the mid-lengths to the ends of my DAMP hair. The Moroccan Oil doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down plus it makes my hair super manageable and my hair is left tangle free and ready to either blow dry or to leave to dry naturally (i always try to leave my hair to naturally dry but sometimes it cant be helped!) They do say that Moroccan Oil speeds up your hairs drying time and i must say it really does! my hair usually takes forever to dry as it really holds on to water but it really has made drying much quicker!
Then Once my hair is fully dried and styled i will go ahead and apply the same amount again, just to tame pesky fly away hairs but mainly to add a little extra conditioning to the ends of my hair.

I absolutely love the smell of this hair oil, its rather hard to describe other than just super herbal smelling and i would say i can smell a subtle hint of mint in there? The scent is just really beautiful. Next up the packaging how beautiful and luxurious does it look!? the brown glass bottle with the blue and orange makes it look really expensive looking and i just love how colour co-ordinatied it all is!

I have been using Moroccan Oil religiously ever since it came through the door about 2 weeks ago and even in that short space of time i can really feel the difference that it’s making to my hair, my hair feels softer, thicker, and looks and feels much more healthy! I cant believe i waited so long to try this! – I’ve already decided I’m going to make a purchase for the bigger 100ml bottle which is quite steeply priced at £30.45 but i want the pump to make it easier to judge the amount i use and in my eyes the oil is totally worth it and will last a very long time!
My little 25ml still has tones left and will last me a good couple of months as a little of this oil goes along way, so you wont be needing to keep using alot of it, plus i think its quite handy once it runs out i will be keeping the little 25 ml bottle as it’s travel sized and it will be nice and simple to re fill up and take around with me plus its the perfect size if you want to just try out and dip your toe in the whole Moroccan Oil world without committing to £30.45 for a big bottle!

Overall, the Moroccan Oil is my hairs new best friend!
I’ve tired alot of hair oils in the past and really enjoyed them but i haven’t noticed results like i have since using Moroccan Oil! I love my hair since using it, its been really manageable, soft and shiny! plus it just looks much more healthy! I am completely in love with this product and can totally understand why so many people raved about it. – This is a true worth the hype product!

Have you tried Moroccan Oil? i would love to know what you thought of it?

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