Review || Face B4 Daily Cleansing Foam & After Cleansing Serum

At the north meet up we received a huge goodie bag, i’m still finding myself searching through the things we was given! (Yes thats how big it was!) a main thing which jumped out at me which i was dying to try was the FaceB4 i recently have been on a skin care whim so i was keen to get this lot home to put it to the test….
FaceB4 Daily Cleansing Foam
First things first this isn’t your ordinary cleanser, its a two in one. Yes you heard, its a cleanser and toner all wrapped up in one tub, which is great for me I’m really rubbish with skin care no matter how hard i try i always miss bits out because ill be honest I’m really lazy i usually just think ‘oh ill give that a miss today’ Well you kinda don’t need to with this because its both there in one package, together for you! – AMAZING!
I also really love the fact that its a foam! yes, so simple yet so amazing. I love foamy washes i think the foam just gives off the sense of cleaning.. or am i just yet again being strange Chelsea again? Anyway that’s what i think. The cleanser foamed up really well for me and spread really easily all over my face, the only downside for me, is that it wasn’t very good at removing make up. I did struggle to remove my mascara with it although it doesn’t claim to do so i guess I’m just being greedy and i would of liked it to remove make up more easily, as for the antibacterial properties of this cleanser they really worked for me my skin was left feeling super soft and not tight plus i actually felt like i haven’t had as many blemishes since using this. 
Overall, i think its a good all rounder, i think you need a little something extra to remove harsher make up but as i said it doesn’t state that it removes make up. Other than that I’ve really enjoyed using this cleanser and i will continue to do so as my face feels really clean and refreshed after. 
FaceB4 After Cleansing Serum
This is a total gem, I’ve never actually used a serum for my skin before and i feel like kicking myself, many people have said how serums are really good for putting moisture back into the skin and i can honestly say as soon as i used this i fell in love.
You only need one pump, and that covers the whole of your face, It’s so soft and silky and my skin felt full of moisture. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave your skin feeling too soggy or greasy again this says it helps to prevent blemishes and since giving them both a whirl i have noticed my skin hasn’t seemed to have as many blemishes (not that i get alot but i do get the odd one) which is great!
I also find that my make up applies really well over the top of this, it just blends, feels and looks so much nicer than normal! that’s always an amazing bonus.. right!?
Overall, i cant believe I’ve lived without a serum for so long! nothing will be kicking this out my skin routine anytime soon i basically am in love. I just love everything about the after cleansing serum!
Have you tried FaceB4?

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