Review || Cutey Shamballa Bracelets

a picture of cutey shamballa bracelet red and gold
a picture of cutey shamballa bracelet red and gold
a picture of cutey shamballa bracelet red and gold being worn
a picture of cutey shamballa bracelet red and white being worn
I’m a huge sucker for anything sparkly and eye catching! and may i shamelessly say … ‘cute’ 
and the shamballa bracelets are exactly that, the way the light catches them makes them glisten in such an ‘ooo’ ‘ahhh’ kinda way! 
The two colours i received were red and gold, both amazing colours. but if red and gold aren’t your thing and don’t take your fancy they have a huge choice of colours, i really love the blue & pink ones! i think they would be really cute for summer time. 
These bracelets feel like such good quality bracelets the wax cord which holds all the beads together feels so thick and strong which is really good, I’ve had a bracelets in a similar style to this before and the rope just fell apart but i cant see this happening with the Cutey Shamballa bracelet, It has a draw string adjustable strap so if you have a teeny tiny wrist or a slightly bigger wrist you can adjust the sizing! – i found this a little stiff  and difficult to fasten with one hand so i asked my mum for help, but i think it will soon ease up and loosen off with a bit of use and wear.
Overall i really like the Cutey Shamballa bracelets! They are so sparkly and pretty which makes them grab your attention plus they look amazing on their own as a little statement piece or i even like them all layered up with other arm candy! 
I also think these bracelets would make prefect gifts for loved ones or a perfect treat for yourself if your having an off week! :)
Do you own a cutey bracelet? 

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