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a picture of through chelseas eyes wearing primark striped maxi dress
a picture of through chelseas eyes wearing primark striped maxi dress
Dress // Primark
Belt // Topshop
Sandals // Primark
Hows everyones bank holiday? I hope you’ve all been enjoying yourselves!
The weather has been really good to us up north! It really has, i like to call it ‘maxi dress weather’ (which brings me on to today’s post) although today it seems to be cooling back down again BOO!
Yesterday, while the sun was out, me and Adam went and had a little pizza picnic in the park, it was a fab day! spotting the fish in the pond just sitting and being silly, although towards the end i ended up a little chilly and had to steal his hoody! .. its only fair right! so on to the outfit I’m going to show you…
This was yesterdays outfit or maybe saturdays i cant really remember, (is that bad!)
Anyway the sun was out in full force both days which only meant one thing! I could pull out the new Primark maxi dress which has been hidden in my wardrobe waiting for the sun!
¬†As you do in Primark its very easy to spot a hidden gem, well that’s what this is, i had just paid for my things and as walking out i spotted it and had to run back and que up again in the mile long ques as it was just to precious to leave behind! I just love everything about this dress, the stripes, the sleeves, the fit, and not being the tallest girl maxi dresses are hard to shop but this one fitted me perfectly, it was just the correct length with a pair of sandals on. Thumbs up Primark! :)
It was the perfect outfit to wear to wear while the sun was shining!
Whats your thought on Maxi Dresses?

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