Tropic Skin Care || Eye Refresh Herbal Roll-On Review

a picture of Tropic skin care eye refresh roll on
a picture of Tropic skin care eye refresh roll on

The Tropic eye refresh roll on* retails at £15 for a 15ml

Tropic was a brand launched in 2007 by Susan Ma, she creates skin care products made with 100% pure plant extracts! She then went on to take part in a very popular TV programme,  The Apprentice. (I remember watching this particular one, it was fab!) Susan didn’t win the show but Lord Alan Sugar obviously knows a good business when he sees it and he invested n Susan’s company and is now 50/50 partner with her! 
So now you know abit about the brand ill get straight to the point of how this little eye roll on stick has helped me!

After suffering with migraines since being 13 years old I’ve suffered many of nights where due to migraines and all the tablets i take to try and prevent them, i just don’t get enough sleep, I’ve needed to be up early for school, college or more recently for work and after only a couple of hours sleep i found when i woke in the morning i would look super tired, my eyes would be heavy and just generally look run down. (trying to function on a couple of hours sleep is just not cool!) Especially when your that tired you look like a zombie! 
So when it comes to a morning skin routine i need something which is quick simple and something which will wake up my tried looking zombiefied eyes, and this is where the Tropic Skin Care Eye Refresh Roll On comes in and saves the day! It contains Arnica to reduce the dark circles and Green Coffee to help improve blood flow and reduce redness! … Perfect!

I’ve been using the Tropic eye refresh roll on for about 2 weeks now and i love the results! it really has worked amazingly well on reducing the shadows under my eyes mainly caused by sleepless nights!
I use mine by keeping it in the fridge (Yes you can keep it in the fridge!) this makes it extra cool and soothing on your eyes and in the morning really does give you this instant, fresh, wake me up glow which my skin never had before! I Especially like the stainless steel ball roll on, this really helps massage the under eye area also helping to de puff and it particularly helps refresh you when its ice cold! I also pop it in my handbag and take it out on the go with me its perfect for a quick pick me up, midday freshen!

I’ve loved using the Tropic eye refresh roll on, its helped reduce the darkness and dullness of under my eyes and the overall tired appearance ands its really become a staple in my morning routine! It really has made my eyes look more radiant and the most awake they have since being 13! That’s a big achievement and i honestly couldn’t be more impressed! I love using mine and i also like thinking that while i apply mine somewhere in London Lord Alan sugar will be sat at home using his tropic eye roll on too… he must test the products right ? :)

*PR Sample

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