Soak Yourself || Muscle Soak Bath Set


So beautifully wrapped i felt naughty undoing it!
You even get a cute little token which gives you permission you have the worlds longest bath!
inside you see all your goodies which gives you a perfect bath time!




Hey guys, Hows everyones weekend going? I’m still a little worse for wear with my shingles, wahh! I hope they hurry up and get on there way soon! Their giving me some serious pain and more to the point of this post.. aching muscles!
I’m quite an achy person to begin with so anything extra added to the mix leaves me in pain (and moaning about it) for days and days! So when i was sent this amazing soak yourself muscle soak kit.. i couldn’t wait to give myself a serious pamper evening!So the Soak Yourself Muscle Soak set* comes with everything you need to have yourself a relaxing and rejuvenating pamper evening, perfect just what i need!
I’m so glad it came with an instruction page too as I’m hopeless when it comes to figuring out which goes where,when and how.. So i ran my bath and added my fizzing crystals and then the oils, which give me a super bubbly bath! i couldn’t wait to jump in! plus it even comes with a candle to relax the mood and my favourite part your own bag of tea so you can sit and enjoy a nice brew while you relax in the bath.. especially perfect for anyone up north! i ask you .. which bath set do you know which comes complete with a cup of tea?

This bath set really does come with everything you need for an ultimate relaxing bath time experience and can be yours for £40! It’s perfect, it would make an amazing gift for a loved one or even if you fancy a little bath time treat for yourself, plus they have lots of other sets to offer not just muscle relaxing ones, they have one to banish the blues and special love ones! Each comes with different oils and scents to fit the purpose of the bath kit.
Overall, The Muscle Soak really works I’m going to be super sad when i run out, when i came out the bath i did feel super relaxed and noticeably less achy! that’s a big achievement for me when i ache so much from doing so little! :)

Would you like to try a Soak Yourself bath set ?
*PR Sample

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