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Hey everyone, so the other Sunday was the long awaited north meet up!
 Yessss us northerners have waiting absolutely forever for a huge beauty meet up to come up north, so many times do you hear of all these fabulous events and meet ups happening but they always seem to happen down in London, why wouldn’t they its the place to be i guess.. but with train fare and how expenses traveling from up north to London can turn out to be an expensive doo! and hey theres plenty of us bloggers here up north too!!
So they lovely Em Sheldon  decided enough was enough and organised this amazing event for us all!
It happened on the 7th April in the busy revolution bar at deansgate locks Manchester, I’m still pretty sad it’s over !
As usual i ended up late.. but hey ho its ok to be fashionable late :) and my amazing friend Tash made the 4 hour trip down to come meet up too! (go Tash) luckily she was a little late too, although she had a bit more of an excuse than i did! There where tones of things to do like hairdressers, nail technicians and make up artists and talks by a variety of brands including, Glam Glow, Arbonne & Xen Ten There were prizes given out through out the day.. i managed to win some amazing fake tan and come to mention the goodie bags! my gosh, Em had these huge, whoppers of a goodie bag from brands which wanted to get involved! – We were very very lucky bloggers!
Picture pinched from ITSSIMPLYBEAUTY
There was so many bloggers i was sad i didn’t get to chat to and I’m super upset i didn’t get to take more pictures! i was to excited and got supper giddy chatting with Tash, Tori and Steph! – i blame you girls! :) I also got to chat with the lovely Nikki, she was super sweet and said how much she enjoyed my blog! Thanks Nikki i love yours too :) i also stayed behind a little towards the end and got chatting to the fabulous Maria, Bryony & a couple of others, we ended up getting a little circle of chairs going upstairs but my gosh someone please tell me something Maria does not know? she is so clued up! I learnt so much from her in just a 30 minute chat, and would love her to do the SEO seminars which we chatted about!
I think a huge thanks is in order for the lovely Em, she did an amazing job organising the meet up and i hope one day we can all meet up again! Or if were lucky plan another just like this! It was so fun and I’m super sad its over..

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