Benefit POREfessional Review

a picture of benefit POREfessional


a picture of benefit POREfessional
a picture of benefit POREfessional
Benefit POREfessional, is it worth the hype? i believe so!
I first ever used this product in a teeny tiny sample.. only just enough in the sample to stretch and cover your face, and from that very moment as soon as the silky formula of Benefit POREfessional touched my skin i knew i needed to have this in my make up bag!
Now I’m actually unsure whether this is supposed to be used as an actual primer or whether it’s soul purpose in life is only to be used on the ‘problem pore areas’ to reduce the look of pores? its pretty out there in the whole ‘what is it’ debate. I think its a little of each to their own use it how you like if you want to use it as a primer.. go ahead. I tend to use mine just around ‘problem pore areas’ – straight down my nose, a little to each side of my nose & whatever is left over goes on my forehead, i like to use mine sparingly along with my usual everyday primer.
I think my favourite thing about this product is just how silky it actually is! Yes its super soft! Once I’ve applied it i find myself just wanting to stroke and touch my face (… Creepy… but hey its my face!) As with most benefit products this too is slightly scented but not at all over powering and once rubbed into your face the POREfessional completely disappears. It doesn’t leave your face feeling at all greasy just super duper soft and strokeable (trust me… you really will want to stroke your face!)
At £23.50 its quite pricey for the amount you get, but i only use the tiniest amount each day, I’ve had it for a while now and still have alot left – a little really does go a long way with this product! I think it’s done a really good job at minimising my pores and giving my make up a smoother finish, i honestly don’t think i could live without it in my make up bag now.
Have you tried Benefit POREfessional? What was your thoughts?


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