Back on youtube || Haul – Primark, Lush, Zara, Boots & Superdrug

a picture of a big shopping haul
Hey ladies, yes you guessed it i have fixed my camera issues! my old one has been sent off for repair so I’m currently using a replacement camera and its SO much better than my canon 650d… i have no idea why my 650d seems to be so rubbish and doesn’t work for me anyways this means i can now film videos again and my camera the one which wouldn’t focus or work properly can go suck eggs for the trouble its caused (sorry but it really annoyed me)! 
Anyways that’s enough rambling here is my comeback video of all the things I’ve picked up over recent weeks! and please do subscribe to my youtube channel while over there it would make my day! (you can also subscribe by clicking HERE
Hope you like it :)

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