Rimmel Kate Moss 107 Matte Lipstick Review

a picture of kate moss rimmel matte lipstick 107


a picture of rimmel kate moss 107 matte lipstick
a picture of rimmel kate moss 107 matte lipstick


wearing rimmel kate moss 107 matte lipstick
 Kate Moss 107 £5.49 available from Boots


Hey Ladies, So the blogging world went completely gaga for this little lippy. Yes for the last couple of months every girl and her beauty blog has been dying to get there hands on this lipstick! And most did! The Kate Moss 107 lipstick is a gorgeous deep plum red, perfect for the colder months! By now if you are a regular reader of my blog you will probably know that lipstick scares me. Yes I’m scared of lipstick, There i said it again. I have no idea why i just always think that people seem to stare at me when i wear it as if i shouldn’t be.. its very of putting for me. But that’s what happens, i often put lipstick on then change my mind and talk myself out of wearing it like a big scaredy cat.. So i did pick up and put back down this lipstick an awful lot before i decided that i needed it in my collection, because lets face it, its a very bold choice. I think i stood in boots that long deciding that the sales assistants started to think i was a little bit of a nut job. Ops.
There’s something about the bright red packaging which i love, i have a black make up bag so dark products often get swallowed up and i find myself routing for a good 10/15 minutes well this being a bright fiery red tube stands out perfectly, and the signed Kate lid is a lovely touch. (It kinda makes me wish my name was Kate?)
So on to the actual lipstick, first of all let me just say how beautiful it actually smells! so sweet and fruity, it’s very moreish in the smell department!
Being a sufferer of dry lips matte lipsticks are usually a no go for someone like me, but a while back i bought the Kate Moss 110 review here, and the formula was creamy but wasn’t at all drying. The 107 lipstick was exactly the same, i was really please with how effortlessly and smoothly it glides on, and had a very nice velvety feel too it and it doesn’t drag when applied lets face it there’s nothing worse than a lipstick which snags on your lips, plus i found it easy to apply without using a lip liner, that’s always a bonus! I also love the berry undertones which come through, they really made the green of my eyes stand out! And the staying power is great!
Overall, i do love it even with being a scaredy cat when it comes to lipsticks, its a lipstick which is just such a gorgeous deep plum colour which you cant say no to! and at only £5.49 its rude not too?  it is very bold and dramatic and not for the weak when it comes to lipsticks like me, i keep wearing it a little longer each time building up my lipstick confidence and hopefully building up to a big dramatic day outing! :)
Do you love the Kate Moss lipsticks?

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