Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express Mascara Review

I don’t have the best eyelashes in the world, there a little bit.. meh. Not very long, don’t curl perfectly, basically just not anything special.. So once i find a mascara which works, i tend to stick with it. But after watching Natasha’s video her review definitely did persuade me and i couldn’t resist this one, it looked fab and just like something which i would love!
So after watching her video i ran off to Boots and picked up Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara for a knocked down price of £5.99 (you save a whole £2! yes £2 the savings there, you cant complain) and lets me honest you can end up paying at least £10 for a decent mascara these days! not cool people.
So on to the review, The mascara promises to produce no clumping whilst creating fuller, thicker looking lashes up to 8x their normal size… now I’m not too sure about the 8x their normal size they did appear a tad longer and more voluminous but no where near 8x … the formula didn’t clump and my lashes did appear thicker and fuller looking. So, 3/4 promises isn’t too bad?
The wand its self is very large, i found it to look similar to the benefit there real, but i think the wand is what makes this mascara. It helps you give your lashes a nice even coat in a super fast time, although the large wand does make tend to make it very easy to make mistakes.. so practise makes perfect with this mascara!
 I also love the fact that the wand is made with plastic bristles.. all my go to mascaras have this feature :)
The formula is very black and did not flake, dry up or smudge throughout the day. (I tend to yawn, forget my mascara and wipe my eyes a lot, I’m such a crappy girl at times) It also felt really lightweight and nice to have on, which with having migraines that hurt my eyes this is good for me. Also i had zero problems removing this mascara it came off with absolute ease, plus there’s also waterproof version if you prefer? Hooray.. usually you have to wait a couple of months for that to launch!
So have you tried Maybelline’s new The Rocket Volum’ Mascara? what are your thoughts?

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