Hear Muffs Review

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I’ve always been a little bit of a ‘gadget girl’ i love my up to date phones, iPads, and all the little bits of gadgets that go with them.. its like a new toy to a child i can sit and play for hours! I’m still not too sure why i love them so much but i do :) So with being such a gadget girl …. with that being said the IPhone 5 proudly became mine at Christmas.. (thanks Santa) and i must say i LOVE it, alot of people were disappointed with there’s but i don’t know what they expect when the new IPhone gets announced, maybe some kind of futuristic 3013 phone maybe? but i love mine, the thinner, lighter frame, larger screen and HD front facing camera, they all add up in my book!
I love my music and that’s one of the reasons why i love iPhones, everything is all in one place, my phone, music and a couple of games for when i get a little bored and this is where these amazing Hear Muffs come in. During the colder months i always kick myself for not buying myself some ear muffs.. i do usually try some on but my heads so tiny there always too big, well not no more these little beauties are slightly different to the traditional ear muffs so they fit me perfectly because there designed to sit on the back of your head! Mine are in the colour ‘white sand’ but they do come in a variety of different colours! They also have an adjustable headband so that they can adjust to fit most head sizes, another cool feature they have is they can fold up so you can easily fit them in your handbag, perfect for when you need a little extra space. The Hear Muffs also have volume control and a cute little clip so you can clip the wire to your clothes to keep it out of the way, how neat!

I found them really comfortable and do a perfect job at keeping my ears all nice and toasty while i listen to one direction.. yes i might be 20 but i still love those boys.

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