So this tag has been floating around the youtube/blogging world for a little while now and seeing as its taking me forever to work out how to use video on my camera (i can be such a blonde at times) i thought i would just do a blog post on my facts before they all go to waste waiting for my brain to work along with such a technical camera!

It took me forever to think of these facts but once i started i just couldn’t stop so i ended up with miles more than 50, picking just 50 became very very hard! so here goes …. :)


1) I am a really messy person, you can always see where I’ve been!
2) My hair is naturally quite dark brown.
3) I have green eyes, that get ‘greener’ depending on what i wear.
4) I don’t actually wear make up that often! & most times prefer to be make up free, some beauty blogger i know!
5) When i was younger, i was such a tomboy.
6) I am a very sarcastic person!
7) I am a very fussy eater with very strange food habits, if i eat two things together (chicken&mash) they cant touch each other on my plate & my gravy cant mix all my food together – Eurgh its going through me talking about it!
8) If PJ’s where an acceptable outfit to wear out, trust me i would go everywhere in mine! i could spend all day everyday in my PJ’s!
9) Alot of people don’t believe I’m 20 years old, they always seem to think I’m younger?

10) I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years but we don’t tend to agree on much.. ok we agree on nothing! :)


11) Disney films are my favourite.
12) Adverts are made for me, i know every word and could sing along to every advert and tell you what its for!
13) I used to tell all my teddy’s they were my favourite because i didn’t like any of them to feel left out or have hurt feelings!
14) I have very long arms. Most tops/jumpers my size are not long enough in the arm for me!
15) I suffer with really bad migraines.
16) I am a very sickly person, if there’s a bug going round i will 9 times out of 10 catch it and i will catch it 10 times worse than everyone else!
17) I wish i could eat healthy but i don’t like healthy food so i live off takeaways.
18) Although i don’t add extra salt on my food, i just don’t like it.
19) I don’t like coca cola one bit i prefer sprite zero!
20) I don’t like hot drinks – tea, coffee & hot chocolate all make me gag!
21) I always have cold hands and feet..Always.
22) I struggle to sleep at night so ill sleep whenever i can, a hour in the day/afternoon/evening.
23) I hate to paint my nails – I’m so rubbish at it and find it too time consuming!
24) I’m a huge home bird, i love my own house!
25) My knees always crack when i bend down.
26) My legs are always full of bruises, i cant explain them.. i guess I’m clumsy!
27) I would love to be in a soap like coronation street etc, i think id make an awesome lesbian girlfriend for Sophie Webster – better than Jenna! ;)
28) I used to be with eurokids modelling agency & have been an extra in Waterloo Road & a tv show called Bonkers!
29) I have a huge one direction crush, they are always on in my car.

30) I think little mix need a new 5th member – HELLO :)


31) I love animals.
32) Old people make me cry!
33) I have a very short temper.
34) I don’t like strong smells.
35) I love my UGG boots.
36) At first i can be shy but once I’m comfortable trust me i will be the weirdest person ever!
37) I worry a lot!
38) I hate to wear jeans.
39) I have a good memory, if you hurt me i may forgive you but ill never forget.
40) I don’t have any tattoo’s or have any desire to get one.
41) I passed my theory & driving test 1st time! Hooray! :)
42) I eat the same thing over and over until i am so bored i wont eat it for ages until i rekindle my love for it sometime later then the cycle starts over again!
43) I hate when people mumble, speak properly so i can hear you.
44) I have to sleep with my TV on, when its too quiet i don’t like it.
45) I like to get my own way.
46) I would love to have a twin sister.. two of a kind always made it seem like such fun!
47) I sometimes eat chocolate & crisp for breakfast… :)
48) I have a pea head.
49) My mood easily changes.
50) I like to pull funny faces, they always cheer me up!This one really did make me laugh for ages!
I’m a chipmunk :)

Sorry for the random pictures but no blog post seems right without some pictures! & these happened to be some webcam pictures i had from a time i was feeling lonely, bored and i just shouldn’t be left alone with a camera at those times!

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