Winter Sun – I’m Back From My Holiday



Hey everyone! Happy 2013!
i  hope everyone had a lovely new year :)
So I’m back from my little holiday i hope you all enjoyed the guest posts which i had secluded for you.
So anyways on a slightly happier note i thought i would share some of the pictures which I’ve taken while i was on holiday, we went to Spain to my uncles house for the new year & they recently built a new shopping centre about 5 minute walk from his house which included a Primark.. yes i was in my element even though it was full of the same things which we can get back in England! plus while we was there we drove up to Benidorm! The weather was really good for the time of year so we had quite a spiffing little time really :)
I’m rather excited to get back into the blogging swing as i feel really out the loop! does anyone else ever feel like this after having no Internet for a couple of days?

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