Skinetica Anti-Blemish Review


*Skinetica – £9.99
So recently my skin has been a right pain in the bum. Yes there’s no other way to describe it, it’s been completely playing by its own rules and I’m afraid to say after countless telling offs and not listening … me and my skin are no longer on speaking terms and have now fallen out!
Me and my skin usually have a really good relationship, he doesn’t give me spots and blemishes and i look after him rather well. But oh no seems recently he’s decided he no longer would like to keep up his half of the relationship… So I’ve had to do extra work trying to fix all the spots and blemishes he’s left behind!
After not being too familiar with how to deal with the problems my skin was giving me when i was contacted by Richard asking if i would like to try Skinetica i jumped at the chance! The product is said to show improvements in 2-3 days and contains no harsh chemicals there was even a trial conducted by dermatest (a leading European dermatological testing company) with 30 panelists made up of both male and female ages 18 and over and the result showed that no skin disorder was found during the trial. GREAT! If you’d like to understand more about skinetica you can read their FAQ page.
My experience of skinetica was very pleasant, it did improve the condition of my skin! i used to apply it twice a day and left my face make up free, yes make up free! Of course if you don’t like to go make up free if you allow the product to dry properly before applying makeup over the top it will work just fine, i just don’t like to wear make up when my skin is really bad. And now skinetica is apart of my daily skin routine!
Personally this product did work really well for my skin and we are re-thinking our relationship thanks to skinetica :) so if you would like to try skinetica you can order yours for only £9.99 including P&P from the website linked underneath my picture, or you could request a free 15ml sample from them if you cant make up your mind!


*PR Sample

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