Samy Fat Hair ‘0 calories’ Shampoo & Conditioner Review



So after my skin being a right pain in the bum lately & going into a world of its own deciding to give me endless problems I’ve recently fell back into the love of hair products!
I love anything that will give my hair volume, growth, more life, make it healthier you name the hair product and if i haven’t already tried it i will probably rush out & go buy it!
So the Samy Fat Hair shampoo & conditioner is available from Superdrug for an amazing £2.75 each at the moment so if you would like to give this a try then nows your chance!! The usual price is £5.59 each but that’s hardly going to break the bank for a shampoo & conditioner which i think actually does what it claims plus super drug usually has some amazing offers on this range!

The Shampoo, As soon as you squeeze a dollop out of the bottle you can feel that its a really thick consistency the only thing which I’m not too keen on about it is that it doesn’t quite lather up as much as I’d like it to, so i tend to lather rinse & repeat so it froths/foams up just as I’d like :) other than that the shampoo works lovely delivering everything it promises on the tube, my limp hair had tones more volume after! It doesn’t really have a smell which i quite like sometimes its nice to have a shampoo which isn’t strong smelling.The conditioner, Is pretty much your bog standard hair conditioner it left my hair feeling really soft, smooth and thick! It again had little scent with it so overall i wasn’t over wowed with the conditioner but no complaints once i left my hair to dry it did have more volume!

The Verdict, Overall i really enjoyed using this shampoo & conditioner duo it did what it claimed, my hair turned out to have ample more volume & i loved it, the first time i used it i honestly kept doing ‘the hair swish’ to myself because my hair felt so amazing and full of volume :)… im not weird or strange honest, i just sometimes do strange things. Plus it was lovely to know that the products i used and loved was Sulphate and Paraben free and 100% Vegan!

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