Review – YUKO Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry, Sensitized and Chemically Treated Hair!


(I did accidentally knock them both into the fish pond so i ended up with slightly wet bottles OPS!
but both bottles are now fully recovered from their ordeal)
YUKO was a brand founded in 1996 by salon owner and stylist Yuko Yamashita, it is a Japanese hair straightening brand where their permanent salon hair straightening can be found in over 70,000 salons worldwide! YUKO also has a home care range consisting of products which targets: Frizz, Colour Treated hair, Dry/Damaged hair, Dry/Chemically treated hair as well as products like Shine Spray, Repair Spray, Serums and Leave in Treatments!
The products which i tried was the *Bella shampoo & conditioner set for Dry, sensitized and chemically treated hair I’ve been using them for a little over 2 week now so here’s my thoughts :)
*The Shampoo, is quite watery in consistency when I first put some in my hands I was very sceptical of whether it would lather up as I would hope a shampoo would but it did! Despite its watery consistency the shampoo worked its magic and gave a rich lather and left my hair feeling very clean! I was very impressed, although i did find it hard to get from my hands to my hair without some running off my hands so i did some kind of quick hand to head movement! But that didn’t bother me.. it doesn’t quite have much of a smell which I like sometimes it’s nice to have a shampoo without a big fragrance. I just applied the shampoo gave it a good scrub making sure to scrub my scalp and then i rinsed off and it didn’t leave my hair feeling tangled like other shampoos have!
*The Conditioner, I found this has a slightly stronger smell than the shampoo, It smells quite florally (if that makes sense) which I love because after all this is the last thing you apply to your hair before getting out of the shower/bath so your hair then takes on that scent! It isn’t a very strong smell but it is strong enough to be noticed! I got lots of compliments saying ‘your hair smells nice’ after I used this shampoo & conditioner combo! That’s always a nice compliment to receive isn’t it? :) This conditioner is a much thicker consistency than the shampoo! After seeing the consistency of the shampoo I opened the conditioner with my eyes closed! But it was just perfect for a conditioner! I applied a small amount on to my hair and left for about 5-10 minutes (you don’t have to leave yours on this long, this is just what I do with all my conditioners/hair treatments) and after I rinsed it off I could already feel the difference my hair was noticeably softer, silkier & smoother!
Overall Thoughts, I really did love this shampoo & conditioner combo! It worked wonders for my hair! it left it feeling nourished, hydrated and super soft, and i really enjoyed using it.
I love not having tangled hair after shampooing and then the smell of the conditioner is just a gorgeous subtle smell which leaves me looking a little strange smelling my own hair but its all good we all secretly do it! I cant wait for pay day to get my hands on the Anti Frizz range i love those types of shampoos and the Bella set has given me such high hopes!
*PR Samples 

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