New Year Blog Resolutions!

So where did 2012 go at all, it must be because I’m getting older 2013 hit us pretty fast don’t you think?
I cant believe how far my blogs come since i sat down and decided to start it one night in March! Never in my wildest dreams would i have thought this time last year that i would be sat running my own little space on the interweb and it just seems to be going from strength to strength and i have you loyal lot to thank for this so thanks! :) 
*group hug*
I’ve never been one to set myself a list of resolutions but with having my blog this year i think that it would be a good time to start as theres quite a couple of things i would love to do with my blog!
so lets begin :)
♥ Take better photographs, since getting my new dslr camera for Christmas i love photography so i think i need to make it a priority to learn every little feature on that camera & how best to use it to my advantage to make my blog photographs overall better!
♥ Make more youtube videos, I’ve made a couple of videos with other camera’s which I’ve had which are not the best quality but since my new christmas prezzie this is the perfect opportunity for me to make many more videos as its something i love and really enjoy doing! 
♥ Attend a blogging event/blogger meet up, obviously i would need to be invited to said event or meet up but if i ever do i must grab each opportunity with both hands as i would LOVE to go & meet other bloggers.
♥ Try to do more tutorials and outfit posts, I’m not the best at this i try to do them but i always fail miserably but i would love to show people how i actually do my make up and certain looks and would love to do more outfit posts as these are one of my favourite type of post to read!
♥ Try to stop worrying.. this is my main one! I’m a huge worrier! I worry about every little thing so i think my main resolution is to try and learn new ways to deal with worrying and anxiety.

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