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Hello, my name is Tash and I blog over at itssimplybeauty. I have taken over Chelsea’s blog today as She has kindly let me guest post cause she is just so lovely!! So today I am going to be talking about two products that join together and make something amazing. And it’s all to do with nails!
I am a complete nail polish junkie, I love the whole process of painting them, changing colours, the whole shebang. But something that makes them even more better is my base and top coat. Now I was never one for a base or top coat I never saw the point of them (oh how I regret that now) It never fazed having to use one. But until this year I began trying  some and never found the ‘one’ for me but now I have finally found that perfect combo that makes painting my nails that more better. And it is all down to the Revlon Colour Stay Base & Top Coat!
£7.99 from Boots
I tried these when I was watching Amarixe from youtube, when she kept constantly raving about these products but every time I tried to buy them they was sold out. Then when I finally had them in the palm of my hands I knew the wait was worth it! They keep my nails in such amazing condition. No nail varnish stains my nails, they dry so quick and the shine after painting is to die for! They look so sleek and polish and for £7.99 each it is a bargain. You could get a expensive top coat for that and It wouldn’t be as amazing as these drug store babies are!
As you can see from the picture I have used a lot in such a short space of time, this is because I apply two coats on my nails which keeps them lasting, and looking amazing for longer. Know I can hear you saying ‘well how long does it last for?’ On my nails they last 3 days before chipping. I work in a very demanding job where my hands are always being used but with the base and top coat it keeps my nail polish on and they don’t budge. They work perfect with every brand nail polish. Like I have notice when I use Essie Polish it lasts up to 4 days, Barry M last 3 and Nails Inc Last 3/4 days. So how can that not be perfection in a bottle. I have even done test which other nail top coats and base coats nothing has amazing staying power that Revlon Colour Stay Base & Top Coat!!
If your looking for a new base and top coat try Revlon, it will be worth it!
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A huge thanks to Tash from its simply beauty for writing for me today, I’m always in need of a base & top coat as i am hugely lazy when it comes to my nails and never use one… bad blogger i am!
Thanks again Tash :)

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