1000 Follower International Giveaway

Hey Guys! So a couple of days/weeks ago i reached a huge milestone in the blogging world, i reached 1000 followers on my little blog! I actually couldn’t believe it never ever when i decided to start my blog did i think 1000 people would be willing to read my blog never mind want to press that little ‘join this site’ button, which took me so long to find i might add!
Ive just been overwhelmed thinking of you all! So first of all THANKYOU! :)
When i first decided to started blogging i remember clicking on things and thinking ‘oh gosh what does this do?’ and getting all excited, i was a total amateur when it came to starting my own blog i used to even ask my mum if i was doing it right? yes i did! How she would know i have no idea but she was my mum! mums can always help! :)
I’ve loved watching my blog grow and develop, and i hope it continues to do so! Seeing new little faces pop up where you was all clicking to join me would make me so happy! I would get so giddy each time someone new appeared there, i still do in fact, and i always try to check out those blogs at some point, i love finding new blogs to read! its just sometimes with my migraines i find sitting at the laptop hard so it takes me a little longer than most, but i do it when i can! So if i haven’t feel free to give me a little nudge in the right direction ;)
So the giveaway i hear you saying? after all my emotional rambling! yes I’ve decided i would like to thank you all with a giveaway! i mean 1K is such a big achievement for me i would never of thought my blog would of reached that milestone in under a year of my writing! So this is whats up for grabs, 1 Benefit Fine One One, 1 Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm and 3 Barry M Gel Nail Polishes in colours Plum, Grapefruit & Prickly Pair! (as you can see in the picture)
All these products were bought with my own money and I’ve bought them because they are products which i love to win myself! and when i asked on twitter they where products which you guys liked, so hopefully you all do like them! i know i do.. i would love to keep them for myself :)
 As i said it is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway so you can enter from anywhere in the world!
To be up for a chance of winning just fill in the rafflecopter thingamajig below there are only TWO compulsory entries that you must complete to enter.. they are that you must be following my blog via GFC and you must leave a comment saying what your favourite post to read are… its that simple! There are a couple of extra entries in there if you would like more chance of winning :)
good luck everyone!

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