MAC Mineralise Concealer Review

Over the past couple of months i have been on a mission to find a perfect foundation, and concealer for my face. I see girls who’s make up looks effortlessly stunning and i really would love to achieve this! 
So while shopping in Manchester a couple of months ago i went into the House of Fraser MAC department and saw this, it looked so cute and right up my street so i just has to try it! 
MAC Say “Enriched with minerals and nourishing botanicals, this creamy, easy-to-blend concealer covers and perfects while moisturising the skin. Comfortable and long wearing. Provides medium coverage with a natural luminous finish. “
At £16.00 it is a little pricey for how much product you actually get but it works beautifully, it a medium coverage so its great for good skin days! 
It has a lovely brush applicator which makes applying the concealer so much easier than some others i have used although many people seem to like the classic sponge, i don’t mind this brush gets the job done nicely. I bought mine in colour Nw20 as my MAC Foundation is this colour and i thought it suited me quite well :)
The concealer itself is really smooth & creamy and when applied it gives under my eyes such a luminous glow without gathering in creases. I really do love my make up when i include this in my routine! 
i really do like this concealer but i think for days when your tired or your skin just isn’t being your friend i think a fuller coverage concealer is needed and i haven’t quite found my perfect one yet, so until then i will continue to use my MAC Mineralise Concealer as i do really like it :) although if any of you have any concealer recommendations i would love to hear them! 

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