Benefit Erase Paste Review

So i think every man and his dog may have tried this product, well it took me quite a while to get round to buying it and even longer to get round to writing my actual review! 
I seriously don’t know what I’m playing at lately i have so many posts to show you and i just cant get them how i like… BLAH! So I’m so sorry its taking me forever but they will all come i can promise you :)

So the erase paste only comes in three shades which really isn’t very many i ordered mine off the website so i opted for medium and i honestly do have no idea why, i don’t have the darkest skin and even when i wear a tan i don’t go very dark so i have no idea what processed me that night to go for a medium shade.. as you can see from the swatch below the colour is just totally not right for me, i should of gone for shade 1 – fair.. but oh well I’ve used it now so i may aswell give my say but lesson well learnt :)
The packaging is just so cute, the colours make it pop and when I’m reaching for this in a morning the pot being a sheer pink with a bright purple lid makes it really easy to find, as you can see from my picture it comes with a erase paste lesson leaflet and a little ‘spatula’ i cant say I’ve used the spatula it scares me! The whole box/pot is very ascetically pleasing to the eye :) 

The concealer is most definitely a full coverage concealer, a very tiny amount goes a long way! If you put too much on then yes it can and probably will appear cakey, but when used properly it works amazing, doing everything it claims on the packet! As you can see from the swatch it is a very creamy consistency and it has an evident salmon tone which is known to cancel out darkness. I would recommend setting the concealer with a little powder as through out the day it did seem to look slightly shiny, but i do this most times anyway so i don’t think this a problem.
I find that if i would of bought the correct colour for me then this would be the perfect concealer, as i don’t really have any complaints. So hopefully sometime soon i can get myself some in the colour for me and see if i think even better of it although with the tiny amount needed i can see this pot lasting months! I would highly recommend this product if you are a sufferer of dark circles, it should do the trick :)
I hope you all have had a good day, I’ve been really suffering with the worst headache ever and its now started to hurt my back so i think a night on the couch with some tele and food should hopefully make me feel a little better but i cant see this headache shifting any :( 

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