All i need for chirstmas is.. DUO Boots

So Christmas is 5 days away! is everyone in Christmas countdown mode? i think i am :) 
but of course being a girl of beauty and fashion Christmas is all about the make up and clothes and of course the shoes
Now why its Christmas time, of course we can treat our self to new shoes (It’s like unwritten girl law) so why not spoil ourselves i mean come on its Christmas! :)
So i thought i would show you a couple of pairs of shoes from the website DUO Boots, which i love and think would make amazing Christmas shoes! These ladies boots are very good quality shoes which are made to last, each pair can be bought in 3 different widths; narrow, standard and wide, They are all made from the finest Italian leathers and come in sizes 2-10 which a fabulous range of sizes!
Christmas Party Shoes, For a Christmas party you cant go wrong with black shoes and if your out for a night on the town after your Christmas party.. wedges are always a good option as they are the most comfortable from of dressy shoes! so this is where i would pick the Asha Wedges, they would look stunning with your Christmas party dress!
Christmas Day Shoes, I would wear something a little dressier for Christmas day which is where the heeled and fur ankle boots come in.. i think the fur ones would look really cute and Christmasy but the red ones would look really dressy if you wanted to look slightly more glam!
Boxing day Shoes, I would probably wear some flats maybe so i love the loafers or the ballerina pumps for this occasion although the tall suede boots would also look lovely and your feet may be aching after heels on Christmas so these would be a lovely little rest for your toes!
So there you have my picks on a couple of DUO Boots shoes & when i would wear them over Christmas :) i think they are definitely shoes worth investing in! :) 

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