Vo5 plump it up dry backcomb spray

Oh my days, where do i begin! i have been meaning to write about this for such a long time but i have so many posts on my ‘to do list’ and the list just keeps growing and growing! So i thought i would be kind to myself and ease my way in to the mammoth task i have ahead of me in the up coming weeks and do a nice and simple easy going little review! (man that’s alot of adjectives!)
I’m still kinda in the ‘feel sorry for myself’ stage as i still basically just feel crappy. I feel cold i constantly have the worst headache, runny nose and to top it off i went and burned my already sore ulcer filled mouth eating my kfc yesterday, seriously could i get anymore unlucky! So while writing this im sat with my hot water bottle eating an ice lolly.. a rather odd combination i know but its needed! :)
Well on with the product, I’ve had this for a real long time and as i said i have been meaning to write about it but everything has kinda got in my way.. i need poking with a big stick or something! this to me has completely saved my life, i recently ran out of my dry shampoo and i the only thing remotely like a dry shampoo which would do the trick was this little baby, but yet it’s still so different it really does create some serious volume which I’ve never been able to achieve before! plus it doesn’t leave me any sticky weird residue left in my hair afterwards! at £3.49 it a big fat WIN! the only downside i found was it left my hair feeling rather knotty, but i do have rather knotty hair to begin with so maybe thats just me either way i still use it on a daily basis :) 

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