Spa Organics :)

Spa Organics are made completely free of synthetic chemicals, the range of organic skin and hair care products are made with only the purest, gentlest ingredients :) plus they have products for men and children too!
NONE of their products are tested on animals which i just love! being the lovely owner of a gorgeous rabbit called skippy i can sit and relax knowing that I’m enjoying products which hasn’t harmed any of his little bunny rabbit friends/family!
Being so close to christmas i think that these would make a perfect, natural christmas gift for a loved one!
*Vitanourish Conditioner, with pomegranate and cranberry this conditioner leaves hair smelling beautifully, i applied a generous amount and left in my hair for 10 minutes allowing it to work its magic, (however you can leave it in for less if your in a rush!) once i rinsed it thoroughly my hair felt seriously smooth and nourished! it contains keratin amino acids which is a protein naturally found in your hair structure. These amino acids help to strengthen and help to reverse environmental damage which your hair may have suffered, leaving it smoother and shinier – Amazing!
*Gentle Cucumber Cleanser, this PH balanced cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin, i used it every night when i take my make up off i apply this cleanser and it really does soothe my skin allowing it to breathe again, it contains antibacterial moisturisers such as jojoba oil & avocado oil which contains vitamin C and E to protect, soothe and repair mature and sensitive skin.
*Refreshing Shower Gel, Indulge in the prefect shower experience! this really is a treat for your skin, once out the shower my skin feels totally refreshed and moisturised! it contains glycerine which helps the outer layer of skin to retain moisture it also contains extract of pomegranate which boost collagen production to improve skins elasticity and cranberry extract to brighten skin and restores radiance by promoting skin cell renewal, this is also beneficial for temperamental and acne prone skin!

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