Agony Aunt…A Problem Shared?

So today’s post is a little bit different to normal.
but i kinda think i need to do this, I’m such a worrier you name it i can worry about it and sometimes all those worries can just get on top of you. It’s not a very nice feeling but i know that i mustn’t be the only one which worries this much about all these little things, now I’m not a girl who sits and worries every day about silly little things sometimes the things can be quite small and a little silly and sometimes they can be quite big things! 
But what people can’t seem to realise is that all those little things aren’t that little to you! because your a worrier! 
So basically your sat there now thinking seriously what is the point to all this? 
Well my point is that if your anything like me then maybe sometimes you would just like to get these things off your chest, to someone who won’t judge you and just sit with a shoulder to cry on and a ear to talk to and help in any way they can, basically just give you a nice big cuddle, even if it is only over the internet!
I always enjoy helping people if i can make a person smile it just makes my whole day! 
So basically I’m trying to say if you ever have any type of worry or problem no matter how big or small you may think it is or maybe if you just need advice then my email address and twitter account are there to be used :) 
I’m not saying I’m some sort of magical expert which will suddenly make all your problems and worries disappear or even wise with problems if I’m honest but i will listen and try my best to help and basically and not judge plus i will keep everything emailed to me confidential. (unless of course you confess to some really bad crime, that one i wouldn’t be able to live/cope with by myself, Sorry!)
Basically, I’m just here if you would ever like to chat!
So never feel scared or anxious to use my email or twitter account, they are there to be used :)
Also just another idea, only an idea so don’t feel obliged to do so.. if your kinda open person and open to sharing your problems (I know some people are private some people are not, everyones different.) maybe you can comment below and everyone can dive in and help out, leave there email addresses then if you would like to you can get in touch and maybe make a new friend :)   
What do you all think?
Would you like to share your secrets and worries? :)

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