My New ‘Go To Product’, Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist

Hey Ladies, Did we all have a lovely weekend? i wish i did, I’m feeling rather down in the dumps lately :( my weekend started off with having to go for blood tests, what fun? If you follow me on instagram (chelseayates_) i kindly posted a picture for you, that was very strange of me i know! so I’ve had a dead arm all weekend! Next after coming home from the woman butchering my arm i ended up feeling poorly :( nothing new for me there, you know you feel bad when your mums having to drag you round Manchester Arndale like a zombie and your just ignoring all the clothes! so I’ve not had the best weekend.
Anyways on to my favourite little go to product right now! 
Isn’t this just the most beautiful little bottle you’ve ever seen? I’m a huge fan of pink so being in a baby pink bottle i was sold on that alone. I found out about this from watching Hannah’s Youtube videos, and if you haven’t watched her video’s, or you don’t read her blog.. Go there! shes fab! :)
And i will admit like her,  i am now obsessed with this little bottle!
Body Shop Say, ” A quick skin pick me up and excellent for setting make up. Spritz it on for instant refreshment, moisture and protection with a delicate rosewater scent.”

The vitamin E face mist is just perfect, ever since i bought i have used it everyday without fail. The bottle is perfect for carrying out with you in your handbag, the plastic top protects it from spraying everywhere and then your free to give your face a little refreshment during the day. 
The rose scent is gorgeous, I’m not a big fan of smells and scents but this on is very mild and not over powering but there enough to smell really sweet but i will recommend keeping your mouth shut when you spray because its not the best tasting LOL ops :) (learn from my mistake!)
So the main reason i bought this was to help with setting my make up, so once I’ve applied my make up i just give my face a little spritz and that’s where the magic happens.. my skin just feels super fresh like its able to breathe again, i wouldn’t say I’ve had any outstanding results in the ‘making it lasting’ power of the face mist, although i would say it does help slightly but it gives my face a lovely dewy finish and i feel lovely and fresh like I’ve just stepped out the shower with all my make up on!? so its a winner in my eyes!
I will definitely be repurchasing this for £8.00 its totally worth my money! i think i may shed a tear when it runs out, i just love having it in my bag, and just in case i need a little wake me up, i think i must spray it on my face every chance i get i just love the feeling of awakeness it gives me, is awakeness even a word! oh well you get the message :) Plus for summer months i cant wait to put it in the fridge get it really cold and then use it so it will cool down my face!? is that just the most amazing thing!?
Well I’m gonna go catch up on some blogs, (I’ve really been slacking lately, BAD CHELS) and watch Disney films in my new PJ’s, hopefully that will make me feel a little bit better :) ! 
Hope you all have a lovely Monday <3

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