How I Deep Clean My Brushes..

So until recently i will admit i was one of those people which was really lazy when it comes to cleaning their make up brushes.. disgusting i know but I’m now a changed girl! :)

But when i came around to getting the job done lately i found out i was all out of brush cleaner and baby shampoo, having put cleaning my brushes of before i couldn’t face doing it another time so i searched my bathroom for something which i thought would do the trick, without being to harsh on my brushes and i managed to find a Radox hand soap with added chamomile & Jojoba oil! plus with the added anti bacterial properties, that must be working its little magic on all the gunk and nasties left to grow which I’m now going to explain!

For those of you who was like the old me and never think to wash your make up brushes regularly, let me just tell you exactly why it is a VERY good idea to do so! When you apply foundation on your face you are picking up bacteria from your skin, and then it’s left to fester and multiply in the brush after use.. YUK! then each time you use this brush again the same thing happens except this time your picking up all the other old festered bacteria from last time too, and spreading it all over your beautiful face! 
This results in a vicious circle and trust me from experience it will only ever result in a break out of spots :( 
So these are the simple steps which i follow to deep clean my brushes! 

After gathering which brushes you would like to clean, take the first one and dampen it slightly with lukewarm water, then repeat these main 4 steps for each brush..

1. Pump your chosen cleaning product ( I often use baby shampoo but being all out and with non in sight i used Radox hand soap and it worked a treat!)
2. Start to swirl your brushes around the palm of your hand until reaching a rich lather, adding a little more water if necessary.
3. Squeeze out excess product and watch your dirty water get swirled down the plug hole! (Don’t forget to make sure all soap is out of your brush, we don’t want a soapy brush do we?)
4. Be left with a set of nice clean brushes with look as good as new! :)

Repeat for each brush until you have all clean brushes which feel as good as new! :) 
The thought of bacteria on my face is making me a little OCD when it comes to brush cleaning, and to think i used to be soo lazy when it comes to cleaning my brushes, I’m disgusted with myself!
How many of you are going to run and clean your brushes? :)

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