My Two Cents On The Real Techniques Brushes :)

Left, Real Techniques Stippling Brush.     Right, Real Techniques Powder Brush.
So Boots have an amazing offer on at the moment with buy one get on half price on selected real techniques brushes… now being a person which has always read all the fabulous reviews on these brushes but has always been to lazy to go and get one.. i just couldn’t resist this offer, so i got myself two ! 
The blogging world is filled with nothing but great things to say about these brushes! So i love that boots gave me the motivation to buy them with there offer! Thank you boots :)
Stippling Brush,  I used this brush with a liquid foundation and found that a little product goes a long way, perfect! the bristles are smooth but more firm, the brush head is just perfect size for applying liquid foundations, it allows the foundation to glide across your face and i can assure you it left my foundation looking flawless! i was truly amazed at how i coped without this brush for so long!
Powder Brush, well this is seriously the softest and fluffiest brush ever, i thought my body shop powder brush was soft but oh my this is super soft! on a scale of 1-10 its a definite 10! i found it so easy to use for dusting powder over my face being so large its done in two seconds, and it doesn’t pick up loads of product so you get caked in make up! 
The Verdict, The thing i love most about the range of brushes is that they use Taklon hair, which is a synthetic finer that is vegan and allergy free, these are used to replace animal hair but to remain soft and durable for the artist industry! YEY for animal friendly brushes :)
I also like that they are colour coded, it makes them so much easier to buy!
 Orange = Flawless Base  
Purple = Enhanced Eyes
Pink = Perfect Finish
have you tried real techniques brushes? which is your favourite?

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