It’s A Messy Bun Day

Messy buns!
The most convenient of all hairstyles it keeps the hair up and out of the way just what you need sometimes! although they are convenient and look like the most simple thing create, don’t let them fool you, messy buns can be a serious pain in the bum to get looking perfectly messy.
So here’s my step by step guide on how i do my messy buns:
1.  I usually don’t brush my hair before creating this hairstyle but you’ll know whats best for your hair so if you need to brush you hair brush it, i like to leave it messy to create added texture then tip your head upside down gather all your hair together in the spot where you want your bun to be and then tie a hair elastic creating a circle/doughnut shape with your hair.
2. Once you have a circle shape, depending on how thick your hair is either take another hair elastic and wrap wit around the bun making it slightly more messy or as i do start adding hair grips to secure the bun.
3. Next you can start to run your fingers through your hair to lift your hair slightly out of the bobble so it kind of isn’t stuck to your head.
4. Lightly spray your hair with hairspray so it all stays in place
and there you have it, that’s how i do my messy bun but don’t be afraid to experiment with your bun, try adding hair accessories, or try softly curling some hair pieces there’s no right or wrong way how to do it, its just well messy! Always make sure to use a hair bobble as elastic bands can damage your hair and be careful not to pull your hair elastics too tight as they can break and damage your hair and we don’t want that!
I’ve been and bought myself two Disney films today so I’m having a nice, relaxed Disney day! your never too old for Disney films! So i hope you all have a lovely Saturday, i know ill be enjoying my Disney films! plus i just want to let you all know I’ve set up my youtube channel so hopefully that will be up and running soon i just need to think of a first video idea.. scary!


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