Bloggers Beware Of Broken Controllers Website !

So Last night i was on twitter when i read Laura mention her twitter that her blog was being used by broken controllers! being the nosey sod which i am, i wondered weather mine was being the used in the same way, and to my horror it was!!

After researching, Broken controllers i found out that it is a website is puts their URL (broken controllers) in front of yours and its a website which trawls for blog names on the web, even though it is said to do no harm to your blog it does REDIRECT all search engine hits for that blog to its own (broken) site! This in effect is stealing a blogs recognition!
I was seriously gutted when i found mine was being used as i never expected it for a second :(
Blogspot appears to be one of their favourite places to further their cause for hits, but of course being inspector gadget i clicked on the link of mine they was using, i was curious to see what they was using my blog for and to add insult to injury there bold as brass a very eye catching “download” button hmm,  i have nothing to download from my nice little blog!Be warned do not download anything from broken controllers!

by this time frantically googling i found another blog with the same problem and they like me wrote a blog post warning people, they really helped me out as it was full of info about this horrible website!
anyways i eventually got hold of an email address for one of the administers of this website so i have now kindly sent them a email asking them to remove my blog as what they are doing is illegal and this seems to have worked for many others with this horrid problem! so fingers crossed it works for me to :)!
The email which I used was if any of you find you have the same horrible problem! :(
if you would like to check your blog like i did just google BrokenControllers/ yourblogname
Hopefully this doesn’t happen to any of your wonderful blogs :) as it is very upsetting!
but this is how i have spend my day since discovering it last night, and hopefully it will soon be sorted! i don’t think i will ever understand why people find it fun to rain on others its so wrong when people feel the need to ruin other hard work.

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