Vo5 Give Me Texture; Instant Oomph Powder

£4.00 for 7g
Available from Superdrug
I recently bought this little product and it honestly is a miracle worker if you like big volumed hair!
It has a nice and controlled opening which makes it so easy to apply it helps you carefully put the magic white powder exactly where you would like it!
Alls you do is place the powder onto your hair and well start rubbing it in to create volume! and trust me you don’t need alot of product to get the added oomph, so this Handy little tub will last you quite a while, and don’t worry about it being white and end up looking like you have a head full of dandruff after some very fun jushing you’ll not see any white in your hair at all!
The only issue i had with this product is the day after, it left my hair feeling so sticky and knotty i was scared to brush it so i jumped straight in the bath and just went straight in for the wash, i couldn’t risk brushing my hair i didn’t want it to hurt (I’m such a softy)
but i don’t let this stop me i just make sure when i use this product its when I’m going to wash my hair the day after :)


Hair after jushing :)
It certainly does add oomph to your hair, yey!
Have you used the give me texture instant oomph powder?

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