Topshop Lips : Brighton Rock

So This is my first ever Topshop Lipstick! am i living in the dark ages or what!?
Ive been meaning to get one for quite sometime now, but somethings always gotten in my way so yesterday i had to take back a faulty dress boo :( so i thought why i was in town and still feeling a little poorly i would take a trip to the topshop makeup stand to cheer me up!
I choose the colour Brighton Rock! i lusted after this after last years celebrity big brother, when Natasha Giggs kept wearing it! it looked gorgeous on her! but it got put to the back of my mind until this years CBB gave me a kick up the bum and reminded me!
The colour is a very vibrant pink, you all know how i love pink :) The colour Brighton Rock is sure to grab everyone attention and just the lipstick you need if you want to make a statement! The formulation is creamy and it glides on your lips smoothly with minimal effort, it stuck to my lips without clinging into creases! It has a Matt finish and left my lips feeling hydrated and moisturised plus it lasts for hours!
Once its on, its staying put :)
Topshop, Lips In Brigton Rock – £8.00
At £8 it perfect i cant wait to wear it some more!
Whats your favourite Topshop Lips colour?
i cant believe its took me so long to buy a Topshop lipstick! what have i been playing it.. hopefully i could add a couple more to my collection any suggestions?

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