Pucker Up Biker – Wish List

Recently I’ve been stuck in a serious depression, my
wardrobe has become that full I cant fit any new clothes in.. Talk about a
girl’s worse nightmare. So I’ve been going through my wardrobe trying my very
hardest to.. I hate to say it but throw some of my older clothes away, yes how
painful. Anyways going through I found I haven’t even worn half the clothes I
bought! But now my wardrobe now has the littlest dent in it so I thought I
would make a new wish list :)
So recently I’ve been totally obsessed with biker
jackets, i need one in my wardrobe!
so I’ve picked out three
of my favourites I’m really struggling on which on to choose! I just love them
all, I really love the ones with the fur collars from Topshop and River Island but I like the idea
of the hood on the Miss Selfridge one,
so yet again I’m stuck one which one will be right for me!
Oh the problems of being a girl!

you loving the biker jackets?

Topshop Biker Jacker – £58.00
River Island Biker Jacket – £55.00
Miss Selfridge Hooded Biker Jacket – £52.00


After buying my first ever Topshop lippy the
other day I cant wait to buy more! So again I’ve picked out three of my must
have lipsticks which I plan on buying over the next couple of weeks! (hopefully)
I really
love the ones by Louise Gray I think there fab colours but Legend is my
favourite, of course.. I love pink!Plus it will match my new nail polish see here


Topshop Lips In Idol – £8.00
Topshop Lips In Infrared – £8.00
Topshop Lips In Legend by Louise Gray – £10.00
Well that’s my wish list, of course there is
many more gorgeous clothes I’ve seen which I need! But I think these are the
most important right now maybe next pay day ill be able to treat myself!

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