No7 Sunless Tanning Quick Dry Tinted Lotion

Available from Boots
Price – £12.00
So Hello From Cyprus!
Even though I’m writing this in England ill be in Cyprus when you guys read it, Freaky isn’t it!
Hopefully ill be enjoying some real sun for a change instead of having my head stuck in self tan :)
Anyways on with the review!
On The Bottle, “Treat your skin to a gorgeous natural glow without getting hot and bothered. This silky moisturising lotion glides on easily to give an instant hint of colour and develops for a waterproof, streak free tan”
So I’ve rekindled my love for this self tan! i first started to use it when i was back at school! oh back in the day! i can’t really remember what made me buy it or why i stopped using it all i know it that i really did love it then and i still love it now! :)
The tan comes out a brown colour very similar to the colour of the bottle, it is a very smooth light formula and it really does glide on your skin leaving your skin feeling silky and smooth you really do notice a slight colour chance instantly, your skin seems to get a slight glow it never had before! Plus it drys super fast and has a really nice smell but it doesn’t stay on your skin once its all soaked in so your not left with any fake tan smell or anything like that which i find great!
Plus its waterproof!
and it really is.. you go in the shower just use an exfoliating glove and come out with the same gorgeous tan!
just re-apply your tan every 2-4 days to keep your desired colour!
Overall Thoughts, i really do love this self tan and I’m upset at myself for forgetting about it for so long! i don’t know what was going through my mind! it really is amazing and its a gorgeous colour and it leaves your skin feeling so smooth its great!
Even being in Cyprus I’ve brought it with me! i couldn’t bare to not bring it i love how it makes my skin feel!

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