Mini Haul: What I Recently Bought :)

So i was meant to be going shopping today but due to this illness which is taking over me, I’ve decided to give it a miss and have a serious couch camping day! i love lazy Sunday’s so its not all bad but i thought i would share some of my recent purchases to ease the pain of missing shopping :)


Neon Whipstitch Satcel – Topshop – £50
Fluorescent pink TOMS – Schuh – £40
So little story behind my latest buys, i was shopping in town when i saw the TOMS they was a had to have them! i thought they looked amazing! went to get my size and they didn’t have them wahhh! so  had to order them off the schuh website, which is very quick delivery may i add + its free! :)  then one sunny day i decided to wear them with a LBD to the trafford centre, but silly me forgot to take a bag, don’t ask how this happened so i was walking around with my phone in my hand until good old topshop had this beaut of bag which was just made for me! :) You can always count on topshop!
Hope you enjoyed my random story of the day :)
I’m going getting back on the couch watching Disney films all day! and hope this illness goes away soon it’s over stayed it’s welcome
Happy Sunday everyone!

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