Giraffing Me Crazy :)

Ahhhh so Rhian Sugden left the celebrity big brother house, talk about sulking i loved Rhian!
But you could tell the poor girl needed to leave, i mean the whole way they all blew the Ashley thing out of proportion really annoyed me.
The girl did NOT lead him on!
 He was the one which knew she had a boyfriend at home and he was the one who wanted her to go climb into bed with him at night, And Rhian said no, So come on Ashley just man up and face the fact the girls quite happy with her boyfriend!
You could really tell she just wasn’t being herself, because of all that rubbish.
On a lighter note i really loved Rhians choice of clothing!
Get your giraffe onesie HERE
The dresses she wore was just gorgeous, the gold peplum dress she entered well if only i had money to buy it! and i love pink so the pink sparkly dress she wore for her eviction had me just staring at her in amazement at how pretty she looked!
And well i cant not mention the giraffe onesie, i loved it so much i went and bought myself one and i must say its the most comfiest thing ever!
although when I’m walking across the street to my nans or when i answer the door to the postman in it everyone manages to laugh at me.
but they wouldn’t if they realised how comfy it is :)
Rhian certainly struck me as a gorgeous girl both inside and out and i really wished she was still on my TV screen :) but i wish we saw the fun side a little more you should of definitely ignored Ashley girl! :)
oh ek how bad to i sound like i tele geek :) i need to get out more, but I’m excited for tonight sitting in my giraffe onesie watching the celebs! I’m now #teamdanica and #teamcoleen and #teamjulian :)
I really want julie to go the sly bugger!
Plus I’ve been window shopping today at the Trafford Centre, i saw the most gorgeous winter ugg boots so hopefully once payday comes around i shall have a lovely haul post for you all :)

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