Model Co Shimmer Airbrush Illuminiser

co Airbrush Illuminiser – £7.50
from Boots
want that extra oomph for a night out? Well look no further! This little
product has fast become one of my favourites!
you need to do spray a light mist all over where you would like it I usually
use it when I go on a night out, I usually spray my legs arms and chest. You
can use it on your face but I’ve never been brave enough yet! I spend so long
doing my make up I don’t want to have a very shiny face! Next time I go out its
being used on my face because I love the results everywhere else!
You need to stop
being a wimp Chels :)
product is amazing! I spray it on my arms legs and chest area mostly, and it
leaves a nice golden shimmery glow makes your skin look flawless!
smell is quite strong but not unpleasant, does anyone understand me? Its one of
those smells which you can cope with id say!
I wouldn’t
go on a night out now without using it. That’s how much I love this little
bottle! :)
you ever tried model co airbrush illuminiser?
is your favourite night out product?

*PR Sample

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