Long, Lush Lashes? Rapid Lash Review

Hey lovelies!

So unless your one of the lucky people which hit the jackpot in the genetic lottery
and got yourself the most gorgeous long natural lashes, then like me you probably
spend way to much time energy and money on different way to try and give the
illusion of longer lashes!
Well there’s no need for illusions anymore!


*Rapid Lash – £41.00
Available from Boots
Rapid Lash Say,  ‘In as little as 30 days, lashes will appear more beautiful and thicker looking. Ideal for women and men!
So I’ve been using rapid lash for about 2 months now! And
the results are amazing. At first about 2 weeks into using rapid lash I started
to notice my lashes appeared darker in colour, then after 4 weeks I started to
notice when applying my same everyday mascara my lashes where reaching lengths
they had never gone before! I continued to use rapid lash until I has used the
whole tube and my lashes have never been so long, healthy and looked so good! At £41 it is expensive but it worked for me and I
would definitely recommend if your lashes need some much needed attention :)!
simply apply it just like liquid eyeliner right along the top lashes every
night before you go to bed, I did go out my way and purposely coat the bottom
lashes too but this is personal choice. I’ve had no irritations from the
product at all. It was easy enough to apply but you need a steady hand,
something that I do not have! I found I had poked myself in the eye a couple of
times while using it but I’m a little bit of a klutz and forgetful, the hardest
part is remembering to apply it every night!
would you ever try eyelash-enhancing products?

*PR Sample

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