Lee Stafford Miracle Heat Defence Spray

Lee Stafford
Miracle Heat Defence Spray – £12.99
Available from Boots
So i must admit I’ve once been really rubbish at using heat defence sprays its only the past 2 years that I’ve come to use it religiously ! 
I can hear Lee telling me off as i write this.. and if you ever read this I’m Sorry Lee :)
So i have used quite a few different ranges and by now you should all know how much i love my Lee Stafford products and up until recently my favourite heat protection spray was the Lee Stafford poker straight flat iron protection spray then along came the argan oil range which soon took the top spot!
After how much i loved Lee Stafford poker straight flat iron protection spray, and how much i have read about argan oil i knew that this was a product i had to try!
The spray left my hair with a gorgeous smooth, silky feeling and with a lovely shine!
what more can you want?
 you know your hair was being protected when using heat, it makes the guilt so much easier to live with :)
The product is slightly on the pricey side compared to some heat protection sprays but it has added argan oil, it will help make your hair healthy! plus because you only use a couple of sprays a day it lasts a very very long time!
So for me its worth the price and i will be buying again once i eventually run out!
Have you tried the Lee Stafford Argan Oil range which is your favourite product?
So i hope you have all have a lovely Day
I’ve had quite a bad day yesterday and today! no sleep on wednesday night and wednesday morning i decided to hit my head so hard on a shelf i knocked myself over.. yes i actually fell over! talk about dumb blonde moment.
I did laugh so feel free to laugh as well but it really hurt, And I’ve had headache and a very stressful day today! Just my luck.
 oh well that kinda sums up my days so i hope yours was miles better! :)

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