I Shopped The Sale, and Some More Why I Was There :)

So i may be a little late with my river island sale goodies but oh well, I’m not usually on time so why change now :)
So my birthdays coming up so i lovee looking at what i can buy for it, and these sales are making it so easy! theres way too much i could buy! so i stuck to a limit and only bought a couple of items today :)
Not Sale Playsuit – £18.00
Sale Maxi Dress – £7.50
Sale Hat – £4.00
Sale Shorts – £15.00
So firstly i bought a coral pink Aztec playsuit, i seriously am loving pink this summer even with all the rain we are having! and for £18 its still a bargain even not being in the sale! it was a must have :)
Nextly the maxi dress this is my serious biggest bargain of the year! i saw the gorgeous dress just sat there waiting for me to go and pick it up, so i did :) just my size, perfect but wasn’t the straps broke, GUTTED so i thought to myself right Chelsea you can fix this dress its just too perfect to leave for £15.00 so i went to the woman at the till and because the straps was broke i got it for half price, HALF PRICE! so i got the beautiful maxi dress which was my favourite buy of the day for just $7.50! river island i love you :)
Then comes the hat £4 for a hat, i first seen it when it wasn’t in the sale and i really wanted it but I’m not a fan of wearing hats but i really love other people wearing them, i think they just look too cool, So seeing as there was just one left i thought well its there for me? So I’ve made a vow to myself that i must wear this hat!
last but not least denim shorts, denim shorts always come in handy so i just bought those for the sake :) plus they was just such a gorgeous light denim colour! was hard to say no!
So theres my river island goodies! I’ve loved reading everyones posts on what they’ve bought, its been making me to jealous! so I’m glad I’ve finally gone and got some myself! i just cant resist shopping!
specially happy with my bargain maxi! have you ever had a bargain like that where your just too excited? cant wait for the sun to come out so i can get it worn, once I’ve fixed the strap of course :)
Btw my giveaway ends soon so make sure you get entering!


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