Tips & Tricks – Vaseline

Hey lovelies!

So its pretty much a staple in nearly every girls make up bag/ hand bag! or you may even have a big pot of it sitting on your shelf, nearly every household has it but not everyone knows how useful this little pot of petroleum jelly is!  so i thought i would share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learnt throughout the years of using it :)

so here they are…


1. Its said putting it on your eyelashes before bed will make them grow longer and thicker, now i haven’t tried this yet but i have seen someone who has and her eyelashes really did glisten!
2. Make you lips appear larger, I’ve tried this and it does slightly work you just apply the Vaseline on the lower lip.
3. Tame your eyebrows and make plucking easier, I’ve never tried this one but i will be doing as soon as i get a chance.
4.Nail polish trick? apply the Vaseline around the nails on the skin not on the nail and when you paint your nails any mistakes you make are easily removed, this one really is a life saver for me as i don’t have the most steady hand.
5. Lip Scrub, Just apply on your lips leave a couple of minutes and then scrub off with a dry tooth brush it removes all the dry skin off your lips and leaves them feeling super soft, this is one of my favourites!
6. Body scrub, just mix with sugar or sea salt and you know the rest!
7. Hair, Its good pre conditioner for your hair or you can just apply a small amount for a quick touch up during the day to hide split ends plus i hear its good for removing chewing gum out your hair, but I’ve never tried that.
8. It can help make your perfume last longer, just apply a dab where you spray your perfume and there you have it!
9. Lip balm and moisturiser, just apply to your lips before bed and wake up with them feeling soft and smooth!
10. soften your skin, if you have dry hand, feet, knees elbows just apply the Vaseline before bed if you can wrap it up so it stays on your skin, and wake up nice and moisturised!
So there you have it, my 10 little tips and tricks which i know and either use or try to use about Vaseline! what do you think? going having a look on your shelf for it or running out to go and buy some right now? i suppose if you type it in on google theres probably a million more things that come up which you can use Vaseline for! but these are my favourite!
Have you got any Tips and Tricks?

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