Topshop Razzmatazz – Sparkle Sparkle!

Hey lovelies!
So the weather here in England is still very sunny! Although it has been abit cooler today boo :( nevertheless I’ve still been writing my blogpost outside in the back garden! I’ve had the rabbit out in his little pen while doing it, and he escaped so I spent a good 15 minutes in the middle of writing this chasing him around the garden.. Naughty Skippy!
So anyways after work I nipped into town and found myself once again stood staring at the topshop make up counter! Now I do this many many times, but I never seem to buy anything? I honestly can’t answer why! I just see topshop as clothes not makeup! Silly I know, Well anyways I decided to buy my first topshop nail polish I’ve heard so many good things about them i just couldn’t resist, as its been sunny I found myself just needing a little bit of sparkle, so I went for razzmatazz! what better way to add sparkle than on your nails right ? :)

I also apologise for my slightly rubbish outside pictures but it’s just rude not to blog outside in this sunshine! :)

The nail vanish it’s self a sheer lilac jelly which is full of holographic silver glitter pieces of different sizes! Some large some small which all together give a great sparkle effect! I must say I am loving the added glitter to my nails! Except from when I find a stray piece stuck to my face .. OPS
For full sparkly coverage of your nails I suggest about 3/4 coats, the less coats you do the weaker the sparkle, either way you wear it is still effective! :)
I find myself feeling like I’m 5 again with my very first nail polish having the most sparkled nails i could get :) and I can honestly say I am loving every second! I can’t wait to get it on my toes!
Get Razzmatazz from Topshop for £6.00
How do you feel about glitter nail polishes?
I’m going to have a nice relaxing night, find something good on the TV, all this sun is just tiring me out! although I’m not complaining! I’m always tired anyway! well i have to dash! I’ve just heard the ice cream van and i can see an ice cream with my name on it. :)

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