Review: Ted Baker Origami Occasions.

Hey lovelies!

Well girls the sun is out in sunny England! what a surprise! i hope it stays out for a little while I’m quite enjoying not being cold 24/7! anyways So I’ve recently been using this little gift set, its the Ted Baker Origami Occasions. The gift set is made up of 4 parts a body soufflé, bath foam, body spray and body wash. the best part of this little gift set is the fact that its travel size! you could take it where ever you go, how great is that? :)

*Ted Baker Origami Occasions Gift set
Price – £10.00
available at Boots
So lets get on with it,
On The Label
“scented with elegant touches of rose, sandalwood, raspberry and vanilla its been crafted by Ted to keep your skin in sensational shape where ever you go.”
Body Soufflé, This is just like a body butter and is designed to moisturise and nourish your skin, i applied this before i went to bed at night and it really is just the softest thing! the only problem is I’m not too keen on the smell, with having really bad migraines i find that I’m very sensitive to smells and this one was just not to my liking, now don’t get me wrong i think others may find the smell lovely its just not for me. other than the smell the body soufflé did wonders for my skin! it soaked in really quickly and wasn’t sticky and when i woke up my skin really did feel super soft!
Bath Foam, What girl doesn’t love a good bubble bath ? well all you do is add this into you bath near the running tap and just watch the bubbles come! again as they all have the same scent i wasn’t too keen on the smell as i found it abit sickly but i repeat i am very sensitive to smells!
Body spray, Ive only used this the once, as of course the smell, sorry for repeating my self guys :( but i really just do not like the smell of this and i just can not put my finger on what part of the smell is which i don’t like. Now remember its personal preference so just because i don’t like the smell doesn’t mean that you wont to. due to my migraines i find strong smells just do not agree with me.
Body wash, this body wash lathers up really well and left my skin feeling really smooth and refreshed. of course you know what part i didn’t like about the product so i wont mention it again :) so spare you from my waffling. but good point if you like the smell it really does last all day! so you’ll be smelling lovely! ( just not to me ) LOL.
The Verdict, So i think the Ted Baker gift set is a perfect little Christmas/birthday gift! its great for if your going travelling as they are all travel size and come in a posh little zip bag! the products worked well! the only negative for me was the smell i just really didn’t like it but ill say it again just because i didn’t like it doesn’t mean that you wont like the smell its just very strong and fruity. i would sure buy it for one of my friends birthdays or a Christmas present as i think they would really appreciate it!
Well i feel like I’ve talked for England in that post! i hope i haven’t bored you to much but as much as it sounds like i didn’t like the gift set i really did :) i just hate strong smells! does anyone else have the same problem? I’m gonna go sit in the back garden why the sun is out.. we don’t get many days like this in England! Is it wrong that i actually enjoy Monday’s? :)
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