Naked Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner

Calling all Blondes!

Ever wanted a shampoo and conditioner made from natural products which can also lighten your hair? well naked blonder lightening shampoo and conditioner is the one for you!

Not only is it 97% natural and not tested on little Bambi Lassie or Skippy ( i like this as i have a little rabbit called Skippy ) it also has 25p from each bottle going to the Oxfam Shinyanga Water Project! now whats better than knowing while your washing your hair your also helping people? plus its vegetarian and vegan friendly!

*Size – 250ml
*Price £3.99 each
(prices may vary from each store)
Can be bought online at Boots or instore,
Check out the Naked Bodycare website for more information.
On The Bottle, Subtly lightens blonde or highlighted hair. we use natural extracts of gentle chamomile, zesty lemon and cassia.
So I’ve been using naked blonder lightening shampoo and conditioner for nearly two weeks now.. i would usually wait a little longer before reviewing a shampoo and conditioner but seeing as I’ve seen results already i thought i would start now :) The packaging on both shampoo and conditioner is just lovely it looks natural and just makes you want to get straight down to business! so that’s just what i did…
Shampoo, The shampoo smells just gorgeous it isn’t very powerful but it is really refreshing and zesty, it lathers up really i find myself not having to repeat the process like the bottle says you can do, although i would say it doesn’t feel as if it has any conditioning agents in it so make sure you condition well after using. I decided as it was a lightening shampoo i would leave it on for a little while so i left the shampoo on for 5 minutes and then rinsed off.
Conditioner, The conditioner is quite difficult to squeeze out the bottle i find myself squeezing for ages to get the desired amount of conditioner i need.. but that’s hardly a big fault now is it? the smell is exactly the same as the shampoo i admit i am i fan and i love the smell as it isn’t very powerful. the bottle states to ‘massage evenly through hair for a minute or two then rinse away’ its thick in consistency which i like in conditioners and it left my hair feeling super soft! although i did leave it in for longer than 2 minutes more like 5 as this is what i do with all conditioners.
The Verdict, As you can see from my before and after picture below this lightening shampoo definitely worked for me! I’ve tried more or less every blonde shampoo and conditioner you can think of and this is one has given me one of the best results. It smells lovely and refreshing and i love the fact that its 97% natural and that 25p off each bottle goes to the Oxfam Shinyanga Water Project, i love knowing that my hair products are not tested on animals as i am a huge animal lover! this product is just an all round winner for me! :)
Left: before using naked blonder        Right: after using naked blonder
Well i hope you all have a lovely Tuesday the weathers back to being dull here and I’ve got a sore foot! i had it ran over by a car on accident how silly! so I’m stuck to not moving all night and being waited on hand and foot :) i guess there’s a bright side to everything! muhaha!
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